Thursday, November 18, 2010

And That's a Wrap

This year's National AMBER Alert Symposium has come to a close. The computers are packed up; The evaluations are sorted and shipped; and most of the participants and staff are headed back to put into practice what we have learned over these last three days. Let's all make a commitment to work harder and in a more united manner and this year will surely be another record setting year for AMBER Alert and the fight against child abduction.

Our children depend on each one of us doing our best. They're worth it. As Diena Thompson stated in her closing address: "Children are a small percentage of the population, but are 100% of our future."

Thank you all for the brilliant work you do and for making this year's National AMBER Alert Symposium the best one EVER.

See you next year.

The 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium Comes to a Close

Diena Thompson told use Somer's Story to bring everything into perspective.
Diena Thompson

Diena Thompson

Ron Laney presents Phil Keith with an award for excellence and dedication to the AMBER Alert Program. Thank you, Phil. You are a true hero and advocate for our children.

Ron Laney closing the Symposium

Phil receives the award

Cecilia Duquela-Fuentes and Phil Keith

Cecilia Duquela-Fuentes, Phil Keith, Ron Laney and Bob Hoever

...see you next year.

Family Roundtable Report

The Family Roundtable gives their report to the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium
Carol Ryan

Carol Ryan

Crisis Communications Start Day 2

A panel of Crisis Communications experts kicks off the last day here at the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium.

Phil Keith introduces the Crisis Communications Panel

Crisis Communications Panel

Crisis Communications Panel


Paul Murphy, Director of Communications and Policy, Utah Attorney General's Office

Jeff Cardinale, Public Information Officer, Fresno Police Department

Deanna Boyd-Spangler, Reporter, Forth Worth Star-Telegram

Moderator: Mark Simpson, Retired Sergeant, Arlington, TX Police Department

Mary Justino, Public Information Officer, Clay County Sheriff's Office

C.W. Miiller, Commander, Phoenix Police Department

Eric Watson, Reporter, KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Arizona

The Home Stretch

Things are starting to bustle as we get set here at the National AMBER
Alert Symposium for the third and final day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gears That Move The Conference

This year's National AMBER Alert Symposium is run by one of the finest
teams of staff and consultants around. The amount of law enforcement
and general AMBER Alert experience in this room is staggering.

Phil Keith and Fran Blair, your AMBER Symposium "orchestrators"

FVTC staff and consultants

FVTC staff and consultants

Jim Walters and Jeremy Gordon

Day 1 and 2 debrief

And That' It For Day 2

The specialized sessions are all wrapped up for the day. Tomorrow
we'll wrap up the conference.