Thursday, November 18, 2010

And That's a Wrap

This year's National AMBER Alert Symposium has come to a close. The computers are packed up; The evaluations are sorted and shipped; and most of the participants and staff are headed back to put into practice what we have learned over these last three days. Let's all make a commitment to work harder and in a more united manner and this year will surely be another record setting year for AMBER Alert and the fight against child abduction.

Our children depend on each one of us doing our best. They're worth it. As Diena Thompson stated in her closing address: "Children are a small percentage of the population, but are 100% of our future."

Thank you all for the brilliant work you do and for making this year's National AMBER Alert Symposium the best one EVER.

See you next year.

The 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium Comes to a Close

Diena Thompson told use Somer's Story to bring everything into perspective.
Diena Thompson

Diena Thompson

Ron Laney presents Phil Keith with an award for excellence and dedication to the AMBER Alert Program. Thank you, Phil. You are a true hero and advocate for our children.

Ron Laney closing the Symposium

Phil receives the award

Cecilia Duquela-Fuentes and Phil Keith

Cecilia Duquela-Fuentes, Phil Keith, Ron Laney and Bob Hoever

...see you next year.

Family Roundtable Report

The Family Roundtable gives their report to the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium
Carol Ryan

Carol Ryan

Crisis Communications Start Day 2

A panel of Crisis Communications experts kicks off the last day here at the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium.

Phil Keith introduces the Crisis Communications Panel

Crisis Communications Panel

Crisis Communications Panel


Paul Murphy, Director of Communications and Policy, Utah Attorney General's Office

Jeff Cardinale, Public Information Officer, Fresno Police Department

Deanna Boyd-Spangler, Reporter, Forth Worth Star-Telegram

Moderator: Mark Simpson, Retired Sergeant, Arlington, TX Police Department

Mary Justino, Public Information Officer, Clay County Sheriff's Office

C.W. Miiller, Commander, Phoenix Police Department

Eric Watson, Reporter, KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Arizona

The Home Stretch

Things are starting to bustle as we get set here at the National AMBER
Alert Symposium for the third and final day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gears That Move The Conference

This year's National AMBER Alert Symposium is run by one of the finest
teams of staff and consultants around. The amount of law enforcement
and general AMBER Alert experience in this room is staggering.

Phil Keith and Fran Blair, your AMBER Symposium "orchestrators"

FVTC staff and consultants

FVTC staff and consultants

Jim Walters and Jeremy Gordon

Day 1 and 2 debrief

And That' It For Day 2

The specialized sessions are all wrapped up for the day. Tomorrow
we'll wrap up the conference.

Mother of Murder Victim to Conclude AMBER Alert Symposium

Who: Diena Thompson and other family members of child abduction victims.
What: Diena Thompson will be the concluding speaker at the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium. She will share what happened after her seven-year-old daughter Somer was abducted while walking home from school in 2009. Somer’s body was later found in a Georgia landfill. Family members of child abduction victims will also share their findings with AMBER Alert Partners on how to improve child abduction investigations. This media advisory outlines day three of the three-day symposium.
Thursday, November 18, 2010
8:45 a.m.
  • Crisis Communications (open to media)
    • Mark Simpson, Arlington, Texas Police Sergeant (Ret.)
    • Paul Murphy, Utah AMBER Alert Coordinator
    • Deanna Boyd-Spangler, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Reporter
    • Jeff Cardinale, Fresno, California Police PIO
    • Mary Justino, Clay County, Florida Sheriff’s Office PIO
    • C.W. Miller, Phoenix Police Commander
    • Eric Watson, Reporter, KPNX-TV in Phoenix

10:45 a.m.
  • Family Roundtable Findings (open to media)

12:00 p.m.
  • Victim Perspective (open to media)
    • Diena Thompson, mother of Somer Thompson
11 :45 a.m.
  • Symposium Closing (open to media)
    • Ron Laney, Associate Administrator, Child Protection Division, OJJDP
    • Cecilia Duquela-Fuentes, Program Manager, OJJDP
    • Phil Keith, Program Director, AMBER Alert Training & Technical Assistance Program
Where: Hyatt Regency Phoenix, 122 North Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona

Note: Press must register at the press table in front of the Regency Ballroom & check with Paul Murphy to cover sessions or arrange interviews.

Afternoon of Day 2 at the National AMBER Alert Symposium Gets Specialized

Specialized sessions are going on now at the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium.
Southern Border Initiative

Jim Walters, AMBER In Indian Country
AMBER In Indian Country

Cathy DeLaPaz, Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Bonnie Davis, Demo: Extranet, Criminal Justice Portal and Online Courses

Bob Hoever, AMBER 101

Child Abduction Response Team Workshop

2010 AMBER Alert Awards Presented

Marilyn Roberts, Deputy Administrator for Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention presented the following awards at the 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium:

AMBER Alert Broadcaster/Media Person of the Year Award: Dennis Lyle
Ron Laney, Dennis Lyle, Marilyn Roberts

Illinois Broadcasters Association President Dennis Lyle helped develop a state AMBER Alert program in 2001 and enlisted more than 500 broadcasters to help make the plan work. Lyle promotes the state’s “no budget” AMBER Alert Plan to enlist partners to educate the public and create public service announcements.

AMBER Alert Coordinator of the Year: Charles Fleeger
Ron Laney, Charles Fleeger, Marilyn Roberts
College Station, Texas Police Lt. Charles Fleeger is the Region Three Texas AMBER Alert Coordinator. He also oversees the Brazos Valley Child Abduction Response Team for seven counties in Texas. He organizes training sessions and donates his own time and money to get the training he needs to bring children home safely.

AMBER Alert Law Enforcement Leadership Award: Eric Garcia
Ron Laney, Eric Garcia, Marilyn Roberts
New Mexico Department of Public Safety Public Information Officer Eric Garcia works tirelessly to educate law enforcement officers and broadcasters on AMBER Alert laws, regulations and protocols. He developed a Missing/Endangered Alert to find children who may not meet the AMBER Alert criteria. He has also been a leading force to bring AMBER Alerts in bordering states in Mexico.

AMBER Alert Citizen Award: Mike Grant and Victor Perez
Ron Laney, Mike Grant, Marilyn Roberts
Mike Grant helped save a two-year-old girl after an AMBER Alert was issued in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The girl was abducted by her father who had assaulted the victim’s mother at knife-point. Grant was hunting in the woods when he spotted the suspect and convinced him to turn himself in.

Ron Laney, Victor Perez, Marilyn Roberts

Victor Perez responded to an AMBER Alert in Fresno, California after an eight-year-old girl was abducted and forced into a truck. Perez followed the suspect until he pushed the child out of the truck. The suspect was arrested 40 minutes later.

CART Certification Recognitions

Utah Statewide CART, Recognized September 1, 2010

State of Georgia CART, Recognized September 1, 2010

Southern Oregon CART, Recognized October 1, 2010
York County CART, Recognized November 17, 2010

Kansas CART, Recognized November 17, 2010

Delving Into the Minds of Sexual Offenders

Veronique N. Valliere, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist, Valliere & Counseling Associates, Inc. begins Predatory Behavior and promises "swearing and laughter".

Dr. Veronique Valliere

Dr. Veronique Valliere

Dr. Veronique Valliere

Dr. Veronique Valliere

Day 2 Has Begun At The 2010 National AMBER Alert Symposium

Phil Keith got us underway and introduced Rick Beseler, Sheriff Clay County Sheriff's Office to present the Abduction of Somer Thompson

Phil Keith, addressing a full house introduces Sheriff Rick Beseler

Rick Beseler (left) and Phil Keith (right)

Phil Keith

Sheriff Rick Beseler

Rick Beseler and Phil Keith

Sheriff Rick Beseler

Sheriff Rick Beseler presents Abduction of Somer Thompson

Sheriff Rick Beseler Presenting Abduction of Somer Thompson